Quayside Migration 

by Janet Kvammen

Artwork: ‘Sky Full of Crow Blue’ by Janet Kvammen

Artwork: ‘Sky Full of Crow Blue’ by Janet Kvammen


Slowly day sings
a twilight song    crow rests
while river flies

We watch how the purple sky
encompasses the black bird
how it fades into itself—
an echo of more to come

Feathers coloured by night
    a lustrous ebony
    in the nesting sun

Perched above Quayside
   crow nods and takes a bow
Time     swept away
        on burnished wings

Another May Day passes
   and still the Fraser flows…       

              your name
     a whisper 
       on the river breeze

JANET KVAMMEN is a poet, photographer, and visual artist. Busy on the literary and arts scene of the New Westminster uniVerse, she is Vice-President of the Royal City Literary Arts Society and New West Artists. Published in over a dozen anthologies, Janet has been a featured poet, host, and organizer of many local events. In November 2016 she received a Nehru Humanitarian Award from UBC and Goel Family Charitable Foundation. Past awards include Writer’s International Network Distinguished Poet and Artist Award, 2012 and World Poetry Empowered Poet Award, 2014.