Writing Prompts from Her Heart Poetry

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During my morning travels today I was delighted to discover Her Heart Poetry. Presented as a community, zine and press, Her Heart Poetry began as an Instagram community in 2016. You can participate simply by following @herheartpoetry on Instagram, and you can find out more on their  website at herheartpoetry.com

The website is full of resources, articles and information for poets. As well there are collections and feature poetry and it's all small poetry - small enough to fit into a square. Maximum 12 lines. If you enjoy writing small poems this would be a great destination. But also, if your poetry reading, like mine, comes in short spurts and typically on the fly, the Her Heart offerings on Instagram will be a wonderful treat.

With April around the corner, and many of us digging into our 2nd month of poetry classes, workshops, or projects for 2018, the Her Heart poetry prompts page will be a must-add to your list of inspirating web pages. Plus in true link and network fashion, you'll come to know other wonderful poets and resources.