Only one more week to apply for funding


Literary events are a great way to celebrate National Poetry Month, and the League of Canadian Poets receives funding from the Canada Council which they use to support events throughout Canada during April! Funding is distributed on a first come, first served basis per province. Applications are open from January 15 to February 15, 2018.

The following details, printed here for your convenience, were taken from the League's website which you can view yourself if you click here


  • Applications for funding must be submitted by the host of the event.
  • The host of the event may not apply to receive funding for themself.
  • Hosts may receive funding for up to four (4) readers.
  • Poets may receive funding for only one (1) reading.
  • Poets receiving funding must be full members of the League, or non-member professional poets who meet the League’s full membership eligibility criteria. If you are wondering if a non-member poet may be eligible, please contact
  • Events receiving funding must be free and open to the public, must take place during April 2018, and must be celebrating National Poetry Month. There is no theme for NPM2018, as we are celebrating 20 years of National Poetry Month in Canada.


Please review the eligibility guidelines above carefully before applying to receive funding. Funding for National Poetry Month readings is available as follows:

  • $125 reading honorarium, paid directly to the poet by the League after the reading; payments can take 3-6 weeks to process.
  • No travel reimbursement available.

Hosts applying for funding should complete this application form and submit it to the League of Canadian Poets office by February 15, 2018. Funding is distributed on a first come, first served basis per province, so we recommend getting in your application as soon as possible! Ontario and BC are particularly popular provinces; in the past, we have received more applications than we were able to approve. We highly recommend submitting applications by email to, but we also accept applications by fax or post.

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