Jude Goodwin


Jude Goodwin is well known in the Sea to Sky corridor as owner of Goodwin Studios, a small design & publishing company. Goodwin Studios has been in operation since 2002.

Jude Goodwin is one of the founding members of the Squamish Writers Group, which currently meets once a month at the Squamish Public Library. She is also the founder and co-moderator of an online poetry workshop - The Waters Poetry Workshop - where poets are invited to workshop their poems in a non-aggressive, supportive environment.

Jude Goodwin established herself as an accomplished poet during the early 2000’s when the internet first began to form itself into a viable platform for emergent writers. She has won numerous nominations and placings in the popular Internet Board Poetry Competition, eventually earning 9th position in their Poet of the Decade (2000-2010) listings. She has also been Featured Poet on Eclectica Magazine, one of the internet’s most popular online journals. Recently, one of her poems was included in Eclectica’s Best Poetry print anthology. Goodwin’s poetry has been published in a variety of online and print magazines and included in two other anthologies. Her entry in the CBC’s Literary Awards has been shortlisted twice.

Goodwin is currently pursuing a degree in Creative Writing with Douglas College, BC, Canada. She lives in the BC Lower Mainland with her wife, two stepkids, three daughters and 6 grandkids.

Her first book of poems, The Night Before Snow, is due out this fall.





Jude Goodwin