Sea to Sky Review  is a quarterly electronic journal devoted to showcasing great writing from British Columbia, Canada, including the BC Lower Mainland and the Sea to Sky Corridor. We are a literary journal featuring poetry and prose, but we also welcome interviews and reviews, artwork and photography.

NOTE: Although we hope to showcase the works of BC Canada residents, we accept and publish submissions by all English language writers everywhere.

Sea to Sky Review does not currently pay contributors. We do guarantee that your work will remain on our domain permanently, and it will be in good company; all of the work in Sea to Sky Review will undergo a rigorous submission process. Our hope is that we can eventually offer a print journal anthology once a year.


Sea to Sky Review is interested in poetry and prose (fiction, non-fiction). We also welcome interviews and reviews, artwork and photography. Our goal is to create a magazine of interest to all kinds of readers. BC is one of the most beautiful and richly diverse places in the world – we hope to celebrate this.

Because we are an online journal, there are no restrictions as to length however please be aware we favour short prose (under 2000 words) over longer pieces.

Each issue will have a theme. Feel to submit off-theme however.


We are always open for submissions. However, there are deadlines if you wish to appear in a certain theme issue. Some of our upcoming themes are:


Deadline: NOVEMBER 15, 2019

Theme: Dangerous seas and terrible storms

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.
— Vincent Van Gogh


Please send us only previously unpublished written works. Publication in print, online in any other electronic journal or contest or blog or social media account are all considered previously published. However, this does not include pieces worked on in an online workshop. If you're not sure, please drop us a line at

Sea to Sky Review acquires First World Electronic (Online/Internet) Rights: a one time, non-exclusive use of Electronic Rights, with all rights reverting to the author upon publication. Should an author choose to re-publish work elsewhere, in print or on the web, we ask that Sea to Sky Review be credited as the original publisher.

Photography and Artwork can be previously published - we do not require first world rights to this kind of submission.


Every submission will receive equal reading. Most issues will have a theme but writers of all ages, genders, cultures, and lifestyles are invited to submit.

NOTE: For our first year, we will favour works from creators in the Sea to Sky Corridor (Whistler, Squamish, Pemberton) and the BC Lower Mainland. However, if you have a piece that you think will fit in our magazine theme, by all means, please send it along. Thank you!

How to Submit

We have discontinued our Submittable interface and are now barrier-free! Please submit your writings, artwork, reviews, and photography directly to us BY EMAIL Or through Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram. We’re everywhere!


Sea to Sky Review will publish three times a year. Our first issue will be published April 10th, 2018. Deadlines for each issue will be six weeks prior (see above). Work received after that date will be considered for a following issue - we publish April, August, and December.

Will you send feedback?

Typically we will not provide feedback and/or critiques to our submitters, due to the time demands required by this process. Yes there are 7 billion humans on the planet, and probably at least 7 billion poems and 7 billion stories, but each piece is vitally important - to you, to your history, and to the world. We are deeply grateful for all submissions, and sincerely wish everyone the best of luck with their work.

The Editing Process

Please submit your work in what you consider to be a finished state at the time of submission. We will not accept revisions after acceptance.

Removing Old Work

Poems, prose, and any artwork or photos, once published, will remain on our domain permanently. Similar to printed journals, we will not be able to remove anything from any issue.

Simultaneous Submissions

We have no problem with simultaneous submissions. Please withdraw your submission, via Submittable, if you receive acceptance elsewhere, or drop an email to